terms of use
Terms of Use

Diamond Jack Portal and Diamond Jack Game, later named as PRODUCTS are the property of its creator, Piotr Zagawa.

If you do not agree to the terms of use of these PRODUCTS, please do not use them.

When you purchase premium account, you are funding further PRODUCTS development, and cloud service access (billable servers load). You get nonrestricted access to PRODUCTS usage. After purchase, there are no refunds.

I cannot be responsible for content created in game by PRODUCTS user. Users are responsible for their own actions.

When user decides to publish his own created content, agrees to share this content to other users without claim of any nature.

User who is acting in a harmful way to PRODUCTS, who violates good manners, rules of law or this terms of use, will be blocked from Diamond Jack Portal usage.


Please respect copyrighted content of PRODUCTS.

Do not distribute or copy PRODUCTS or any of its parts.


When Diamond Jack Portal is storing or processing your personal data (email address, nickname, city and country), they are used only to provide proper PRODUCTS usage experience. Your personal data are not given away to other person or company.

Your nickname and country may be published on leaderboards page or in game stats.


You use these PRODUCTS as they are. They are continuously improved, but there can be bugs or unstable behaviour.

I cannot guarantee completion or support for PRODUCTS. They also can be discontinued at any time.